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Foot Zone Sessions

Restorative foot zoning is a powerful, yet simple and noninvasive technique that activates our normal line of health. Literally hundreds of pressure points -- inherent signals in our feet -- work together like a “switchboard”. Restorative foot zoning “switches on” the entire blueprint of the body down to the cellular level. The blueprint, once activated, sends healing information in the form of electromagnetic impulses throughout the entire body, bringing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

One-on-one sessions include hot towels, gemstone therapy, energy and emotional release and essential oils.

New Client

(75 min.)

Adult Foot Zone

(60 min.)

(75 min)

Child Foot Zone - 12 and under

(45-60 min.)

Mobile service available - $1/min. travel time plus $.58/mile

Retreat services available upon request.



Tami Painton is a certified Instructor with Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy ​in the St. George and surrounding areas. Please take a look at ​​ for information regarding the certification classes.

C​ontact ​Tami at (949) 683-5331 for a strategy session and to go over class options.


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Please contact Tami Painton for information.


Meet Tami

Hello I’m Tami Painton, the owner of Barefoot Benefits Foot Zone Therapy. I have my degree in Health Promotion from BYU and have been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. Having a passion for learning about the human body and its amazing healing powers, I love putting my knowledge to use as a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner, Instructor and Wellness Advocate.

I believe in the importance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to help individuals heal and become the best version of themselves. Foot Zoning, through the use of Gemstone Therapy, Essential oils and energy and emotional release helps bring those four bodies of health back into balance. In addition, I offer education on different healing techniques, proper nutrition, supplementation, as well as other aspects of health and wellness to help individuals on their healing journeys.

I have been so blessed to have found Foot Zoning. After finding myself in a situation where I needed to support myself and my family, this amazing holistic health career has afforded me the ability to not only improve my family’s health and wellness, but to work around my lifestyle and to be able to teach this amazing modality to others. As a Certified Instructor through Wellness Life Zone, I facilitate certification courses for those interested in learning this whole body healing modality.

Come join me on a journey of healing. Let’s learn together, work together and heal together.